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Military and Defence 

Aero Logistics have a long history of working with friendly defence forces around the word.
We have complete understanding & are well versed with the intricacies of export permit requirements both in Australia, Europe & the USA so we can get your parts to you with the minimum amount of disruption.

We have access to US govt purchasing information & can easily cross reference NSN numbers to find OEM part numbers, alternatives & cage codes / alternative suppliers. This means we can decrease lead times & costs.

Knowing our limitations - Aero Logistics will only supply air transport & helicopter parts of western manufactured aircraft.

End user information will be required upon placement of order.

Aero Logistics understand that the needs & demands of militaries around the world are ever changing. Nothing is more important than the defence of democracy & liberty.  That’s why we are dedicated to supporting the military aviation sector.

We have established an international reputation for quality support, providing single source supply for aviation spares. Whether your requirements are routine shop replenishment, just in time inventory programs, general supplies or repair & overhaul contracts.

In the defence industry, there is no such thing as a justifiable delay in supplying support & spares.  Our policy is to supply on time quality aviation support & Services.

From the moment an order is placed our team implement our Order Confirmed  Protocol that ensures that at least two members of the sales team are designated to ensuring the order is confirmed, monitored & expedited.

You will be informed at every step of the process. The two staff protocol ensures that if you should ever require information on an  order you will have access to an employee who will have all the details you require at hand. You’ll never hear “I’m sorry Bob Smith who is handling that order is away this week. Can I get him to call you when he gets back?”.

The staff at Aero Logistics are experienced aviation professionals well versed in the procedures of importing & exporting military  ordnance & supplies. 

We are happy to quote on all your aviation requirements subject to international law & embargos.

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