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Overhaul, Repair and Exchange Services

Aero Logistics are keen to work with you keeping your aircraft in the air as cheaply as possible.

This means not just supplying spares but repairing and overhauling rotable parts. Do you have a high usage rotable part but not the budget to keep several on the shelf. If so we can help.

We are happy to hold units on our shelf for you. if You have a core we will overhaul it & keep it in stock until you have a requirement.

The pay back is if another operator requires a unit we will exchange your unit out & put another fresh OHC unit back on the shelf. We call it rotable pool sharing.

We truly believe in symbiotic relationships enabling us to share mutual success & grow.

Aero Logistics provide a complete overhaul service for our customers. However, we do not carry out maintenance in house. All work is contracted out to experts in their respective fields. The major advantage is being totally independent & not tied to one repair station. We have the ability to shop around & obtain the best deals, not just price wise but on warranty & turn times. It also helps out regular customers as most overhauls are carried out on 30 day terms.

We use repair stations we have done business with over many years but are quite mercenary when it comes to playing one off against another to get the best deal for you. We play hard but play fair in obtaining the best possible outcome for our customers.

Aero Logistics provide advance exchange basis rotable support. This saves you holding a core on the shelf for routine or normal time expired rotable items. We tell you in advance all possible outcomes. Standard exchange, possible bill back & core charge if returned unit turn out to be BER - Never any nasty surprises! Generally we give you 21 days from delivery to return the core. This gives you plenty of time to order the part in advance, fit & return your core without disrupting your operating fly time. We are always happy to work with your scheduled maintenance plans to ensure minimal down time. The quicker you're back flying the better for you and us. We want to see your aircraft clocking up the hours as quickly as possible. This way you make more money and we get to sell you more routine operating spares. 

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